Bamboo centerpiece

Bamboo centerpiece

Today I leave this cool centerpiece, to decorate any of the surfaces you need. It is a good idea to enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors. Bamboo is a plant that I love, within the decoration, and this time it becomes a spectacular centerpiece.

With some bamboo pieces or scraps you can decorate a beautiful table for a special dinner, for an event that you have in your hands or even for a wedding. If you like plants and think about decorating the tables with one of them .. try to make a bamboo structure similar to the one we see in the picture.

It's easier to do than you think, first take some time to see how big you need to cut the bamboo; when you know it, it measures two pieces and cuts, they don't need to be exactly the same … because what is best is the naturalness of nature. Both pieces of bamboo will be tied with rope, to hold them and that the assembly is not disassembled.

When you are tying the pieces, as seen in the photograph, include two small pieces of bamboo .. this way it will give a more rustic touch. In addition these small pieces will make you can place, for example, a small pot between them serving as a support. On the sides that remain free, you can put some candles or candle holders with beautiful candles inside.

In the picture we see how they have decorated, in addition, bamboo by one end with a small shell .. The ornaments that you like most can be tied with rope, ribbon or you can even glue them with silicone or other specific glue. The idea in general is good, the elements can be changed to taste, you know. Greetings to all our readers.

photo: ellybevents

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