Bank made with a trunk

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this bank made with a simple trunk. Yes, you can work wonders with the most unexpected things.

If you have a small plot, a garden or a patio … you can saw a log and add it as a comfortable seat … well, how comfortable it would be even more if we put a cushion.

It is easy to do this you just have to choose a trunk, you can take advantage if you are going to prune a tree or you must remove it.

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<p>be careful and saw the trunk .. try to do it in half. This way we will get a great seat. Try to have the right tools and put on gloves and glasses.</p>
<p>Having the right tools will not cost so much to cut the grunt in half. With the rest you could make another similar bank!</p>
<p>A part tries to save part of the trunk to make the legs where this beautiful trunk sits. You also have to fix it well, so that it is very safe and you can sit without problems.</p>
<p>Something that I tell you, for those who carry out this project .. is that you can sand the trunk so as not to splinter splinters.</p>
<p>Another great idea is to varnish it, in this way we will obtain a much more durable bench and avoid rains after rains, the wood rot.</p>
<p>Another great proposal is to paint the bank of the color you like best. You can also make a great drawing or, as I said at the beginning, add a several cushions to make it more comfortable.</p>
<p>As you can see, it is easy to make or make a seat starting from the trunk of a tree. Not everyone can get this material, but it is a very interesting proposal for our exteriors.</p>
<p>In some stores, antique stores or traces you can find great wooden benches to decorate any part of your home.</p>
<p>I've talked about placing it outside, but you can also decorate an interior room.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=henninghouse

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