BANKSIA COCCINEA - Ideas for gardens and decoration

BANKSIA COCCINEA – Ideas for gardens and decoration

In today's space we will talk about a curious bush of beautiful flowers, the Banksia Coccinea. As we have said it is a shrub or small tree. Coming from the Southwest of Western Australia, the banksias grow a maximum of 8 meters high.

The leaves of this shrub are plants and we can see it from three centimeters to nine centimeters … yes, with large pointed teeth.

The flowers of the Banksia they are arranged forming curious spirals, which draw attention to the shape and color they acquire.

This curious bush resists the cold quite well, up to about -2 degrees. If you are interested in cultivating this curiosity of great decorative value, we must take into account that you need an inorganic and quite permeable earth. The fertilizer must not contain phosphorus.

At the time of sowing it we must, first of all, soak the seeds in warm water with a time of 48 hours .. remember to make two water changes at this time.

Once ready, we will sow in pure sand, picon or perlite. Once done we will always cover the chosen pot with a transparent plastic or glass. The temperature will be warm, but not too much and the light filtered … yes, when the night comes we will always lower the temperature. The seed will germinate for four to eight weeks.

If you want to grow more of these curious shrubs or small trees remember to transplant them when we see a second pair of flowers and always to put them in inorganic soil. To pay them use foliar fertilizer.

The humidity will never be excessive, always light and we will adapt it to the sun. These shrubs are ideal for planting in garden soil rather than in pots.

The Banksia Coccinea is a very striking shrub that can decorate our gardens with all their splendor!

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