Barbecue! How to eliminate your smell

Barbecue! How to eliminate your smell

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to give you a great tip to remove the remains of barbecue smell from our terrace or garden.

If you have a barbecue you will know that at the end of the delicious meal at home the smell stays, in the clothes, on the terrace, in the air … and we want to provide you with a good solution to get rid of this fritanga smell, whenever we want to .

Normally summer increases barbecues, meetings, sunbathing waiting for your plate of Creole sausage and some skewers …

But once finished the terrible cleaning that will come later begins, although it does not have to be cumbersome to eliminate the odors of the food cooked in it, it can be much easier than you imagine.

One of the things we can do is, before cooking, put aluminum foil at the bottom of the barbecue … then we put the coal or the firewood. This allows us, once the barbecue is finished, to be able to remove the embers and food scraps without any problem.

Also before using the barbecue, heat the grill before starting to cook .. we will do it between 5 and 10 minutes. This is a good way to eliminate food debris and release adhering fat, fumes and bad smells … so it will be better cleaned.

Another option to complement or do it separately is to take advantage of the hot grill, after the barbecue, and spread a lot of coarse salt on it. Then we rub it vigorously with newspaper sheets.

In this way we are not only cleaning the barbecue, but we will also avoid that the next time the smells and flavors are mixed throughout the garden and the next meal.

Finally we recommend newspaper paper soaked in hot vinegar or lemon, this is a natural degreaser that will allow us to end the smells of barbecue.

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