Basic care of the Azalea plant

Basic care of the Azalea plant

The Azalea plant is widely used as an ornament for gardens, terraces or outdoor spaces. Its curious petals and beautiful colors enrich part of the decoration. If you have Azaleas and you don't know how to take care of them, today I leave you with their basic care.

For our Azalea plant to grow, develop and flood us with its beautiful flowers, we must be constant in its irrigation and in the place where you put it. In Spain they are very cultivated, since the climate here is quite good for this type of species, hence they are widely used both for outdoor spaces, as for your favorite corners inside the house.

Remember that this plant requires a lot of humidity, that is to say that we must have it constantly wet (WITHOUT flooding it) … To prevent the soil from drying out, try to water abundantly with water that does not contain alkalis or limestone waters … if you can, take advantage of the water rain.

In summer you can water daily, especially if your Azalea is in full bloom … this favors, without a doubt, to increase the beauty of the flowers themselves. If you have the Azalea plant in a pot, inside your home, preserve its moisture by placing a dish with water under the pot. One tip is to alternate the days, which does not always have the dish on.

DO NOT wet the flowers, it is better not to drop any water so you will avoid wilting before the count. Another thing you should do is find a good location to give them the light. Avoid the sun directly, try to keep the place where it is going to be illuminated but not from the sun for many hours. For this reason, you can also grow it indoors … you can put the pot near an illuminated window.

Finally use a good fertilizer for indoor plants or even for acidodilous plants. You can fertilize the earth once every fifteen days (during the flowering process). As you can see, the care is not especially complicated, especially if you are used to growing and having plants. There are Azaleas of many different types and of different colors, choose the one you like the most. Do you like this plant?

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