Basic garden tools -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Basic garden tools -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk to you about some of the basic tools that we must use sometime to take care of our garden, our plants and our flowers.

If you have never cultivated, or taken care of a true garden and, now, you want to design your own … or if you are not a professional and you do not know how to start or maybe you have bought a house and think that it is better with some flowers .. for this today we leave you a small list with the things that you will surely need.

The first thing is that if we have a green area we should necessarily have a shovel that can be used to plant flowers. These small blades are 12 to 15 cm wide and are truly practical.

A straight blade shovel is ideal for dotting the earth .. in this way we will leave a much better finish at the edges of the beds. It will also help us fertilize the largest plants and prepare the soil.

Having a plastic sheet sweeps is something important, especially when we are going to prune or when it is autumn .. our soil will be filled with the leaves of the trees. We tell you that it is plastic because iron could scratch the earth.

On the other hand, a metal earth rake is a fundamental tool, it must be made of metal. The size will be what suits us, depending on the garden or patio.

A good zapallero saw is perfect for pruning the branches, so that the plant reaches greater vigor. Remember to make V-shaped cuts and once you finish we saw to try to break the bark of the plant.

In the next article we will continue with the basic tools that every gardener should have at his disposal. Although you have never dedicated yourself to this, if you have plants at home, a patio, a balcony to decorate, a nice terrace with its little plants or a good piece of garden … it is convenient to use this type of tools.

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