Basic garden tools -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Basic garden tools -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, today we continue with yesterday's article about tools needed to leave our yard in perfect condition. Remember that whether you are a professional or not, if we have green areas we must take care of them and what better than knowing what we need to achieve the maximum beauty of our garden.

For example, good pruning shears are ideal for these jobs. It is always convenient to have even one, although the ideal is to have several for different functions. If you decide to have only one, try to be of good quality.

When you go to use them remember to make a precise movement in a single impulse with our hands. You will see that this way you will go faster.

If you need a tool that helps you remove weeds and weeds, you better get a great garden gouge … this will help you.

A lawnmower is essential, if we have it. In addition a edger would be great .. both items are mainly used to keep the lawn in perfect condition.

The next element will be a sprayer and two containers. Try to be the sprayer with a capacity for some diea listros .. in this way we could mix necessary chemicals. You don't have to spend too much on it, but having it … is important.

Finally, the use of hoses, coupling accessories and sprinklers is very necessary. The hoses should be light, so we will be watering without hurting our jiji back. This will be used primarily to water the bushes, cool the soil, the grass .. wider areas.

The watering can be used especially for plants that have been grown in small or large pots … this time the shower will be much better, for the stonecutters it is also the best solution.

Finally we recommend gloves, do not forget to use them for gardening … at least when you go to use chemicals, when you are going to prune or use tools that could cut or damage you.

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