Basic Tips Design a Garden -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, today in Decoration and Gardens we continue with the basic tips to design a beautiful garden. In addition to everything discussed in the previous article, we must think about a very important issue, perhaps more than the others … this is what use we will give to our garden! You are going to hold family gatherings, it is for parties, as a relax, to plant a garden.

Think if you want it to be a Zen garden, create sumptuous spaces with very original designs … worthy to rest and reflect on our things, read a book or write. But perhaps we want to make a beautiful productive garden, for example with many fruit trees, a small garden, some aromatic herbs … etc.

If we have family we may want to use it as leisure, a children's pool, a beautiful swing and areas for running. Any garden design, if you want to be inspired by relaxation in addition to planting, you must contemplate some areas to be alone and / or in the shade … for example a sunbathing area, some benches or seats, for example a table, some pergola or an umbrella … if we want we can also reserve an area to eat outdoors.

Finally and with all this, we will make a list of the plants that we can include in our garden, the most appropriate for the climate, the microclimate, the water and the soil … also the colors that we like the most and their possible combinations for the decor. We must take special care if some species can be poisonous to children, if any.

Finally and here we end, we must take care of the species to be planted if we have allergic people around us or ourselves … some species that produce allergies are olive trees, cypress, holm oaks, pine trees …

We hope these tips or suggestions have been useful and you know, creativity and imagination are essential in the decor and the garden design project. Good luck and plant a wide range of color on the ground.

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