Basic Tips Design a Garden

Design our own yard It can become a very complicated project, especially for people who have never done it before. That is why today in Decoration and Gardens, we want to show you some basic rules to keep in mind for design a yard.

The first thing we are going to see is the general climate of the region in which you live. In this way we will know what species of plants, flowers and trees we can plant. To reflect on this point, do it in reference to temperatures and agents such as rain or wind.

We will also consider the microclimate which will be established in our garden or plot. If we are going to plant near a wall, if there are very humid corners. Which areas are the most protected from wind or rain, what are the areas of sun and shade.

Another important issue is the soil, the type of this will influence and much in the species that we want to plantar. For this we will pay attention to eight soil characteristics: Texture, Depth, Drainage, PH, Limestone content, Humidity richness, Nutrient richness, Salinity.

Another point will be the type of orography that has the natural terrain of our plot or garden. This will serve to know how to distribute the elements that we want to implement both in terms of plants, flowers and trees such as swimming pools, ponds or any type of decorative objects

Another essential point will be the water of irrigation. The first thing we will see is if we have enough water to irrigate, otherwise we will design a garden that does not use too much irrigation. Water quality will also be essential to know if it comes from a well, be it saline or limestone.

In tomorrow's article we will continue giving some small tips that will help us make our own garden! We hope you find them useful.

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