Basic tips for the care of Tulips

Basic tips for the care of Tulips

Today I share with you some basic tips for the care of Tulips. These beautiful flowers can be found in a wide range of colors, from here to be widely used for decorating outdoor areas Do you want to have beautiful Tulips? Follow the following cares and you will have strong, vigorous and striking plants.

Remember that there are many different types of Tulips, you should know what type is yours and the care you need. Find out where you buy them; but also tend to have certain common care. For example use a clay pot to grow the Tulip, do not use plastic pots because the plant needs to breathe better.

Another good idea is to use organic substrate, made from natural matter … using clay pots and a good substrate, the Tulips will have stronger roots and will help them to oxygenate much better. If you are going to transplant the plant or grow it in a pot, something that I tell you and it is very good is to add (before the soil) a layer of clay or clay balls (this helps to favor the drainage of the plant)

Now, the bulbs should be placed halfway up the pot and always placing them in such a way that the spikes are or point up. Tulips so young we have to place them in areas where the sun does not have a lot of hours. For example, with three or four hours a day of sunshine, they will have enough.

To avoid other pests or the plant does not grow well, try to eliminate all traces of withered leaves and flowers. Those that are yellow should also be eliminated … in this way we will keep the plant healthy and strong.

Irrigation, as basic advice, should be regular. Never let the soil dry, but you should not have excess moisture as this affects the plant and will die or deteriorate if we do not do something. I remind you that Tulips (especially botanists) can be combined with other plants, but they must be species that do not suffocate Tulips.

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