Basil cultivation guidelines

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about the Basil And how to keep it. Also known as Ocimum Basilicum, it has very common names like Royal Herb, Alfavca, Lemon Basil, French Basil and many others.

Coming from the family of the Labiatae, the Basil It is of Indian origin. Physically we can see its leaves in a very bright green color. Oval and serrated at the tips, the leaves have a silky texture.

The Basil plant is ideal for decorating all our corners, as it offers a pleasant and attractive perfume. The flowers They are very beautiful, in white or lavender.

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<p><span style=The flowers are usually grouped in small spikes, on an erect stem which can reach almost half a meter high.

This especially aromatic annual plant is of medium low growth. If the crop can be between 40 or 60 cm high.

To sow basil we can do it through seeds, in seedbeds. The season will be better in winter … although we can also do it in early spring in pots in a greenhouse.

The soil must be prepared for planting, before it logically. We will pay well using organic products and we will not add excess fertilizer, otherwise the flavor of the leaves is eliminated.

The irrigation of this plant must be quite abundant, but without drowning the plant. Basil is a plant that must be in full sun or half shade.

It is a warm climate plant and is quite sensitive to frost. If you usually have them at night in your place of residence, we must protect the plant.

Like any plant, so that it grows well healthy we can prune it from time to time the excess foliage .. every two or three weeks will be fine. Thus growth is stimulated and we will eliminate weeds.

If you have culminated in seedbeds you can transplant it to the soil in late summer, so we will not damage the roots. It usually blooms in summer, perfect to decorate our surroundings or the interior of the home.

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