Beautiful corner made of stumps

Beautiful corner made of stumps

Good morning friends, today I leave you with these tree stump stumps … which give for much more than you might think.

I love wood, this noble material that fills the decoration with its warm and sometimes rough touch … although we can handle this with a sander.

It is easy to decorate with wood, in addition the spaces can be beautiful. But on many occasions we have boards, planks and remains that we don't know what to do with them.

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<p>Today I leave this easy solution, especially if you have trees and remains of wood that you can use. If you have pruned a large tree, you can take advantage of its branches to saw them and make some seats.</p>
<p>As we see in the picture, you can create a beautiful corner … in your outdoor areas. If you have a large place where you have trees, there may be some stump or you may have to saw the tree for whatever circumstance.</p>
<p>Take advantage of these remains of wood, do not throw them or get rid of them. Here we see how two pieces of wood make up a great table … the most stable.</p>
<p>Around it stones have been laid as songs, this is as decoration and to indicate the table.</p>
<p>You can choose another type of stone or another type of decoration. The rest of the wood, acts like great seats .. you can even put some cushion on them!</p>
<p>On the table we see a tablecloth, with great drawn fruits, and some cups. A good time of day, to have some coffee or tea.</p>
<p>As you can see, sometimes, the most beautiful things … come from elements as simple as these. It is not necessary for you to shape it .. since nature takes care of it for us.</p>
<p>I hope the image helps you create some projects in your outdoor spaces. A secret place, where you can talk and drink coffee.</p>
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