Beautiful wooden coasters

Beautiful wooden coasters

Good morning friends, in today's space I have a great idea to use as coasters natural.

If you like this kind of decor, here I leave a photograph so you know a little what I mean by this.

Now in spring, especially if you have yard or a patio, surely you have to trim some trees.

coasters "src =" "width =" 452 "height =" 340 "/> These prunings can be used to create some of these coasters. They are perfect to have them at home and give a lot of atmosphere.</p>
<p>It is very easy to do, the simplest and the best thing is that they will be similar, but not identical, since they are completely handmade.</p>
<p>If you can get a large branch, take a saw and gloves. You just have to know how thick it is that you need to make these natural coasters.</p>
<p>You can make them half a centimeter thick. So go measuring and sawing the round piece. Try to do it on a safe surface and know that you will not damage what is underneath.</p>
<p>Once we are safe, go sawing as many coasters as you need. Remember that once you have them, you can sand them a bit.</p>
<p>If you sand them well, we will avoid some splinters that can stick. Once sanded, you can leave them as is or add a bit of varnish to last longer.</p>
<p>You can give as many layers of varnish as you want, but let it dry between them. You can also paint the wooden coasters, a color you like or different colors.</p>
<p>The truth is that you do as you do, they will be very striking and sure that more than one of your guests will like it.</p>
<p>Honestly the idea is quite good, we add a different touch to our home .. a little rustic and natural ..</p>
<p>But these coasters can look great in different types of environments. If you liked the idea, you can comment on it here.</p>
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Photo: morningcreativity

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