Beneficial plants for tomato plants

Beneficial plants for tomato plants

Today I share with you some of the beneficial or good plants to plant near our tomato plants. If you are going to grow tomatoes or plan to do so, remember that there are many plants that will help our fruits grow strong and healthy. Sometimes the plants that are around our crops, may not be the most suitable … not all are good for hovering around our plants.

Therefore, if you have tomato plants and want to know which plants are beneficial for them, here is a list of the best ones. I remind you that tomatoes can be planted both outdoors and indoors, in pot or soil. Now, the plants that are best for you are:

The mint, surely you all know her and some you like more than others. The mint besides giving off a pleasant aroma, helps in stimulating and improving the flavor of tomatoes. An aromatic plant that is also widely used in cooking or desserts, if you like it, you know!

Other herbs and spices that will help our tomato plants are parsley or basil. The latter helps them grow further and also improves the taste. Some herbs like these help keep our tomatoes free of pests, pests such as flies or mosquitoes will stay well away. In addition, basil is a great seasoning for cooking (yesterday I was using it)

The caterpillar is a pest that can affect tomato plants, a beneficial plant that you can grow around tomatoes is calendula. It will keep the caterpillars away and you can also use it for cooking. Finally, Melisa, which everyone knows for sure, also helps stimulate tomato growth and improves its flavor.

There are vegetables that also help ward off pests or make the tomato taste better, these are carrots or peppers. You can plant everything close and you will see the benefits you get. What do you think?

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