Benefits of spiders in our garden

Do you have an orchard? If you have seen some spiders there, you should know that not all are bad and that these friends give our garden certain tools to stay healthy and strong. Our vegetables will be grateful to get the benefits that spiders can give them.

In today's space I leave some of the benefits that we can give to our garden, respecting spiders that can be seen near vegetables. Not all are bad, in fact having these bugs in the area, nothing will come wrong. The role that friends have is essential to reduce the population of certain insects.

Did you know that spiders keep at bay or reduce certain pests? Although they may have a bad reputation, arachnids have a very important role which prevent other insects harmful to plants from disappearing or decreasing in quantity. Remember that if you do nothing with insects, they could become a plague.

Spiders kill these predators, without harming plants or the garden. In this way your crops will grow healthy and strong. If spiders begin to appear in your garden, it is that you have insects (since they are their food) The more spiders there are, the more insects have camped in your crops.

Normally in an orchard free of insecticides or pesticides, spiders can live quietly while there is food (insects) and this is good, to avoid possible pests as I have commented. If you get rid of pests with insecticides, knowing in advance that you had spiders … they can't survive.

Spiders catch their prey through their powerful fabrics; That is why most insects will stick to them and thus save your crops. Try not to eliminate the spider webs you see, as they are good. Other spiders can hunt directly and also contribute to the balance of pests. What do you think of our little friends?

Photo: garden

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