Beneficios de las enredaderas

Benefits of vines in the garden

An excellent alternative to get a good outdoor decoration is choose elements that maintain harmony and balance, besides having beauty and style. At the time of making decisions you can choose the creeping plants or climbing plants.

This type of plant has become a more decorative element, it will serve to cover the walls or walls with a natural and rustic look. In addition to generating some shadows, which will increase the privacy of the gardens.

People who have no knowledge in the garden area may think that all climbing plants are the same, but despite looking the same they are quite different.

Generally climbing plants naturally grow up being able to reach a good height without requiring assistance. On the other hand, vine type plants require a support to gain height, they are ideal for people who spend time in the care of the garden.

When you go to choose a creeper or climbing plant we will have to think about various aspects such as flowers, leaves, colors and styles, so it is necessary to evaluate the environment we want to decorate.

If you want to cover walls, we advise you to choose bignonia or bougainvillea, which are very leafy and resistant, and also withstand hot days. During the summer days they will give us a good amount of colorful flowers generating a very special decoration.

Those who want a climbing plant or pot creeper can choose between ivy and star jasmine. These are two good alternatives. To choose the best species you should evaluate the use that will be given to the plant and the type of climate of the place. These aspects will affect growth and development.

Another advantage of vines and bulldozers is that They help us to hide the defects of the walls. To choose your location we must know if you need some wire fabrics or sticks to grow well or simply adhere to the walls, as with the climbing hydrangea or the wall crush.

In an upcoming article we will give you some easy-to-follow guidelines so you know how to place guides and supports for plants to attach to them. Creeping and climbing plants can affect the walls, this happens if they are not pruned or treated properly. On the contrary, if they receive the appropriate care, many benefits can be obtained, such as the possibility of absorbing moisture.

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