Biodegradable Pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Biodegradable Pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

The ecology is the protagonist of this year, not only in furniture and decorative objects .. we can also see, for some time, pots biodegradable that can be used for our garden with a total recycling guarantee.

Within the market we can see a great variety of this type of pots. The biodegradable planters also serve as fertilizer for the earth and … thus transplanting what we grow will no longer be a trauma.

When we want to move the plant to the ground of our yard, it is enough to introduce the plant together with the pot, in the ground … in this way the pot itself will become part incorporating nutrients and serving as fertilizer to the same plant.

Between the biodegradable pots that we can see, we highlight two … the organic ones Fertilpot which gives us great benefits such as stress-free transplantation, elimination of transplant risks, there will be greater root development, they tend to have more water permeability than other types.

In addition, biodegradable pots have greater resistance to air, much more tolerance to roots, offer rapid degradation and, of course, always respect the environment.

Fertilpot manufactures pots with vegetable fibers that can be used for different types of crops such as horticulture, ornamental nurseries, vine rot, forest plant …

Other pots to take into account will be those of – The Hairy Pot Plant Company – These pots have been made with coconut shells and can also be placed directly on the ground. The coconuts from which these planters are made are also organically grown.

In this way the coconut is cleaned in a special way and then treated with biodegradable organic latex … as a result we have some pots that make our plants grow and develop better because the roots can cross the walls of the sherds and reach the ground.

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