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Bird house with teapot

Good morning friends, today I leave you this great idea to create a fantastic bird house in our garden

In fact it is so decorative that you can leave it in a beautiful corner of your areas Exterior and voila .. although there are no birds inside.

On other occasions we have seen how to decorate balconies, terraces, patios or gardens with teapots. These are many ways to use them in decoration.

You can put them as a vertical garden and plant some plants inside them. On the other hand it will also look great in places like the kitchen.

If you have a window in the kitchen you can put some teapots such as pots and grow aromatic herbs.

But in this case we see how a simple teapot can give free rein to our imagination if we use it in the garden or in the yard.

If you have trees, you can hang one or two of a branch. To hang it the best is a rope, you can make use of rustic rope so you will favor a more natural environment.

If you like teapots and you have one at home that you can use, you might like this idea that I propose today.

I leave the image for you to get an idea and work with her. More than as a bird house, which works very well, you can use it as a most charming decorative solution.

Give a different touch to your outdoor spaces using items like this, you can recycle them, you can paint them and decorate them .. to locate them in some of your trees.

If you have a small porch, you can put the kettle hanging from the ceiling or some wooden support .. it will look great.

I hope you enjoy this fantastic decorative solution for outdoor spaces, as much as I do.

Photo: stuffyouneedinyourhouse

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