Secretos para cultivar el ave del paraíso

Bird of paradise cultivation

In this article we will focus on the care required by the bird of paradise To have a good development, remember that it is a beautiful tropical plant with very beautiful and striking flowers.

The bird of paradise or strelitzia reginae It is a plant that stands out for having orange flowers highly valued for decorating the gardens. The flowers are fan-shaped and take a similar shape to that of a bird, because of the shape of the flowers it is commonly known as a bird of paradise.

The plant has a very sweet nectar that attracts birds, which move pollen from flower to flower, thus a cross-pollination process is carried out with very good results.

This plant requires certain basic care, among them we should try to cultivate it in areas of warm temperature, which exceeds 10 degrees, avoiding temperatures below 5 degrees. The soil should be well drained and it is advised that the pH where around 7.5.

During the summer season the plant needs to be watered frequently, but in the winter you should stay longer without water. When watering, care should be taken that the soil is not very wet, this will generate the appearance of a fungus that can affect it, causing it to rot.

If the flowers of the plant look wilted we should remove them by making a cut from its base to prevent that part from wilting, removing the flowers in poor condition can return more flowers.

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