Bloom my Buddy Very nice vases

Bloom my Buddy Very nice vases

Good morning friends, in today's article, as we discussed in yesterday's space, we will talk about Bloom My Buddy.

Yesterday we talked about some great pots that will help us decorate all our corners in a special and curious way, with a certain vintage touch to put it in some way.

Today we will love to talk about other pots to decorate, but this time with a slightly more childish, friendly and fun design.

The Bloom My Buddy We will be happy for stays in spring and summer. This name gives life to some nice vases made of polyethylene. The funny thing is that, thanks to their fun shapes, we can literally dress these vases with all kinds of branches, flowers and mosses.

Create interesting characters to decorate any of your rooms or outdoors. We can create attractive floral garments by introducing the flowers that you like most through the holes that we will find in the pots.

The Bloom My Buddy, have about 98 holes. The height of these pots is usually up to about 45 cm high, perfect to put on tables, windows and surfaces in general. In the kitchen they will be very funny, we can also put them with aromatic herbs.

In the room of the little ones, it will be a nice detail that will brighten the room with its colors, and children can have fun creating beautiful shapes.

Remember that the possibilities will be your imagination .. these pots carry great versatility both for the nice outfits that we can put on them, as for the hair that we can create.

If you want to get the Bloom my Buddy you can always enter Usuals and get the ones you like best. Your designers? Niels van Eijk

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