Cultivo del bonsai

Bonsai cultivation guidelines

The bonsai crop It is based on ancient concepts, at the time it was considered an important gift made by Chinese nobles to Japanese ambassadors. Over the years, bonsai expanded throughout the world thanks to the work of merchants.

If you want to grow a bonsai you will need a pot or small container that has four legs, leaving the bottom exposed and two holes that allow proper drainage. Bonsai have different values, the specimens with the thickest trunk and the most tree-shaped are the most expensive.

Depending on your form We will define the style of cultivating it. The moyogi or informal erect style is the closest to the spontaneous growth of the plant, it is widely used by those who want to grow beech, maples and oaks.

The Cascading style and Kengai It represents the resistance against the force of nature. Among this type we find conifers, azaleas, hawthorn. The inclined style or Shakn are the species that have a slight inclination in their trunk and the branches are born without any continuity.

The erect style or chokkan It shows us trees that can be easily adapted, including conifers, whose growth is similar to natural growth.

To obtain good results we must use universal soil that allows good drainage, it must be mixed with some sand and potted gravel.

Fertilizers are used from March or October, except in the case of conifers that begin to be cared for in the month of February.

They should be watered twice a day during the summer and twice a week in the fall and spring. Irrigation can be superficial or by immersion in water.

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