Bonsai Pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Bonsai Pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

If you are a great lover of bonsai Or do you intend to buy some, today we will love to talk a little about the type of pots that exist for these trees.

Remember that pots are the basic support for our beautiful bonsai, but also the pot adds a certain aesthetic value to it.

When you want to select the flower pot For your copy, you must first abide by a series of rules … or guidelines … for example, select a ceramic container, it must be made of baked clay. If they are glazed on the outside, see that their interior is not enameled … as this will help the plant to perspire.

Something very important is that you must have some hole in the base of the pot, these holes will be a way for the plant to drain out excess water and thus its roots will not rot.

Think about the type of tree you are going to plant or transplant … remember that if it is taller than it is wide, the pot should be a little longer than two thirds of the height of the small tree. On the contrary if it is wider than long, the bonsai cup can stand out slightly less than a third of the pot.

On the other hand the shape of the pot can be oval or rectangular, with rounded edges. But we can also have round or hexagonal pots … if what you want is a waterfall style, remember to always do it in deep pots.

Thinking about the color, select the one you like best … but if you want some advice you can always use pastel colors for broadleaved trees, without glazing for conifers … and for flower or fruit trees we can always choose a color that goes with the fruits . For evergreen or dark trees always light colors.

Now, within the world of bonsai pots.. we found the typical japanese pot.. this is the most common of all.

It has four legs, to allow the area below to be aerated and two holes so you can drain the excess water. This type of pot is very good for temperature changes, it is quite resistant to cold and frost. Its mouth is wide, this way it becomes easier to extract the root ball.

The chinese pot We will recognize it because it usually only has a hole for water drainage. The pottery, of this pot, is much more worked and its decoration is beautiful and fine. Normally the most viewed are those of Taiwan.

The korean pot It is red earth and is enameled by the outside area. This type of pot is the best in every way, only sometimes it becomes difficult to find.

Finally, the european pot They are usually imitations of Japanese pots and although they have good quality and are quite original, their price is higher.

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