Boots like pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Boots like pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today we have a very special article, dedicated to recycling all the shoes that we like, but that are already damaged to put it on.

I am in favor of giving all the clothes that we do not wear to countries or people with less resources than us. But if you have really special shoes and do not want to part with them or are shoes that are already too damaged .. you can use it as a decoration.

We do not propose to hang them on the wall or anything like that, this time we are surprised to make pots with them!

Yes, this time we opted for an original, extravagant and fun decoration .. not every day you see a shoe transformed into a pot.

But we can do it, just a little ingenuity and that's it. Choose the shoe or shoes you want to do it with, if they are boots even better.

Clean them well and condition them inside with a raincoat to keep moisture and the boot last longer.

It is a good idea to make a pair or three holes in the sole, in this way we will help drain the water and thus the plant will not rot inside the boot.

Once all this is done, just add a little soil, fertilize it and prepare it to transplant a plant that we like or sow something we want.

As you can see, the results can be very different, there is so much variety of shoes, almost like plants … and that is why it is so special.

Decorate your garden with a set of nice shoes, you can make your environments more colorful.

It is a nice, original and ideal idea to take advantage of those shoes and boots that we no longer wear.

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