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Bouquet of flowers to decorate environments

Good morning friends, today I leave you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers with which you can decorate your favorite corners.

It is very easy to do and you can put it both as a centerpiece or hang it from somewhere. If you have any type of event, such as a wedding or a special birthday or anniversary, I think you can put a bouquet on each back of the chair.

Doing this will embellish the entire room where the party or event you have is going to be held. It is very easy to make and also, you can put the flowers that you like the most.

From roses, daisies, violets or carnations … take the flowers you like best and some rope. If you like crochet, it is also a great opportunity to decorate the lower part of the flowers with thread.

Take some scissors and trim the excess of the plants and flowers … try to add green and some flowers that stand out for their color or that combine well with the rest of the decoration.

It is important to know what flowers you want to put, if they mean something to you and also that they can last for a while until the event is over.

If it's a bouquet for everyday life, you know you can put it in water, in a vase. Also if you add an aspirin to the water you will see that the flowers stay longer with life.

The cut is very important, try to do it diagonally … in which it is like a peak because it will be easier to catch the water to the plants and last longer hydrated.

Make the bouquet with a little green and the flowers of the color you like best, join them with a rope. Cut the rest that doesn't work for you.

Finally tie a rustic rope or, you can put a crochet accessory of little thickness .. in this way it will be very beautiful to put in the corner you want.

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