Bulbs as Vases - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Bulbs as Vases – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! We all love decorating with flowers, or almost everyone, so today we talk about beautiful vases that we can make even ourselves.

These vases in the form of light bulbs, is exactly what it seems … recycled light bulbs. From here we can do it ourselves, it is also not so difficult.

I love it RecycleIn fact, I have many restored things at home that now give me other functionality.

In this case the Blühbirne – Glühbirnen Vase is pure recycling and also a brilliant idea. From a light bulb they have taken out nice vases that we can put anywhere in our home.

If you like to decorate with flowers and nature, you will surely love to recycle … reuse and reinvent … this way you have reinvented some vases of what was once a light bulb.

The details are one of the factors that brighten the rooms, give them personality and that touch we are looking for. It is not necessary to have design furniture itself, but a good taste and originality .. may be the key.

The Blühbirne – Glühbirnen Vase are very simple vases, with simple lines that will perfectly do their job as small vases.

You can make the combinations you want, put only one .. add several .. and place them where you like, for example near the window .. as a centerpiece, on a nightstand.

A very curious recycling that invites us to know the Blühbirne – Glühbirnen See more closely. Also if you have a garden, patio or grow flowers, add one or two … you'll see how wonderful.

Although it is only one, the flowers radiate joy and that special touch in our home. If you do not want natural flowers, you can always use cloth or plastic.

This time the Blühbirne – Glühbirnen Vase are vases that mimic real light bulbs, but we can easily do this.

You only have to get rid of the top, if you have a better glass cutter … after the one inside … take out all the filaments.

Then you just have to add something to hold it, in this case they carry as a kind of rubber that supports. Finally add water and some flowers … ready!

If you like this type of vases, you can get it at Design300 for 8.20 euros … although you know, if you are a handyman maybe you can make them yourself.

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