Butterflies in your garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Butterflies in your garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to dedicate a small space for the butterflies .. to many of us we love them and that is why we want to give you some tips to attract them to our garden.

If you love fantasy stories and you want to see your garden surrounded by butterflies, these beautiful insects, beautiful colors … here we leave you the bases to create your cheerful atmosphere and achieve harmony for your garden.

Do you want to attract butterflies? Here are some great suggestions that will help you so that the butterflies go to your garden every day.

The first thing we will do is have an area in the garden where there is plenty of light a day … so if you are going to cover areas of your garden with pergolas, for example, do not cover the brightest areas.

The ideal is to have a moderate wind in the garden area. If your problem is that you have a strong wind we must tie it with tall trees, walls, bushes …

Now, with respect to the plants that we must grow to attract the butterflies, they will be very colorful and very attractive flowers. Remember that we will have to add all the flowers and plants that we can, because the butterflies feed on different types of nectar.

In addition, garden plants should be plants whose flowering covers different seasons, so the butterflies will have food all year round and will not have to look elsewhere.

If you put some pots in the garden, try to get them to draw attention to their color, butterflies love colors … or rather they attract them.

Then another tip will be to spray the plants, the flowers you have and the leaves with sugar … in this way we will also attract them … but that does remember that sugar can also attract other types of insects such as ants.

The containers that we have will introduce a mixture of mud and cooking salt, in this way we will conserve the humidity of the pot or the container and the butterflies will have their minerals.

Water is very important, butterflies need water to survive and if we have a small source of sugar water, we will have built a freshwater pond to attract them.

Create resting rooms for them … and you will only have to use some walls of the house, pieces of logs or tiles for the butterflies to rest there. Although you can also place statues.

Another important thing is that dogs and cats often scare the butterflies or hunt them either to play or anything … so if we have to move away from the garden or some areas.

Finally, if everything else has worked in our garden we will have beautiful butterflies fluttering through the garden … in this way we will try to be attentive to their laid eggs and we will be careful not to wet them.

And finally remember not to use any type of insectizide as this will affect them.

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