Cactus care: Mother-in-law's seat

Today I leave you with some of the basic care of the cactus called Mother-in-Law Seat… well we can all think why they have put this name to a cactus. But if you do not know what they are, anyway I leave you a photograph that says it all … also sure that they will sound to you since they are those round, full of thorn and rather small.

These cacti are quite decorative and long-lived, to put them in outdoor areas will be phenomenal… you can even combine it with another type of cactus and / or different plants. I also tell you that you can grow them indoors, leaving a smaller cactus about 40 cm. If you have acquired a Mother-in-Law Seat and do not know how to take care of it, today I leave you some of its basic guidelines.

These cacti are generally quite strong and resistant, since they can live up to 100 years well cared for… but like all plants, if you don't give them what they need … they will die before the count. You can plant the Mother-in-Law Seat with a view to keeping your children taking care of it, when we are no longer there.

These plants are extremely resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. You must plant the cactus in dry soils and we must protect the youngest species from the sun. When they are adults they will be able to withstand the direct sun much more, but if they are very tender at the beginning protect them. They resist low temperatures, but not frost too large. If you like the flowers of this cactus, keep in mind that they are not to last long, you can put them as decoration but they will not lead to normal flowering.

When it comes to watering your cactus, you should never go overboard with water … that is, keep a scarce irrigation, especially in winter. There is almost no need to give in cold weather, but in summer if you can do it by pooling the base or watering the plant itself. In summer, if it is very hot we will water it when the earth is quite dry, otherwise forget it. Finally, on the issue of pests, I comment that the Mother-in-Law Seat is usually invaded and more susceptible to cochineal and aphids. How about decorating with cacti?

Photo: colourbox

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