Cactus Care

Hi guys, today I leave you with some tips for the care of your cacti. Remember that there are many different species, these cares that I propose are general.

If you have any kind of special cactus, find out about their corresponding care, as they may be more special.

Otherwise, to keep a cactus … it's rather simple. These curious plants, can be the most beautiful .. even give beautiful flowers.

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<p>Remember that cacti are plants that belong to the well-known succulents. Normally they usually endure very well in situations of drier and extreme climates.</p>
<p>Remember that you can reproduce cactus through cuttings or seeds. According to what suits you best!</p>
<p>It is important to consider the substrate where we have decided to plant our cactus. This must be well drained, but its drainage must be good and well permeable.</p>
<p>At the beginning, you can plant the plant in a small pot. But we have to change it to a bigger one, when it starts to grow … in this way it will develop perfectly.</p>
<p>Remember that cacti also need water, but not like other plants. With a small amount they can subsist better, but against an excess of water you can run out of plants.</p>
<p>His thing is that from time to time you add a good amount of water to the pot … and do not water again until after a while. Make sure the soil is dry, before watering it completely, but do not water it every day if you feel it is wet.</p>
<p>Now, one of the pests that most affects many cacti are the mealybugs. But there are also other diseases or pests that stalk her.</p>
<p>Some of these pests consist of the well-known red spider or the well-known aphids.</p>
<p>Finally, diseases that can have or that more problems can give are fungi. With good products you will easily eliminate them, but still try to keep the plant permanently wet and avoid this.</p>
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