Cactus Saguaro and Pitahaya -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Cactus Saguaro and Pitahaya -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today we will talk about cacti! If you love this type of plants or simply want to include them in your garden or inside your home and take advantage of its flowers or its fruits, here in this space we will talk about the species of Saguaro and Pitahaya cactus.

Something that we will take into account to beautify our areas will be the morphology of the cactus, since this causes the plant to become an important species that can be and are used for many things.

If you want to know more about the morphology of the Sagurao and Pitahaya cactus, keep in mind that the roots branch in two. The most essential, that is, the main ones are in the ground at 2 or 10 inches deep. The thickness will be about 30 cm.

The other roots called secondary or adeventicias usually arise with little water or water shortage, so when going out they usually develop on the ground.

Now, the stems of these cacti are arranged such water to survive hot climates. In addition to storing water inside, cacti have a very unique epidermis. Its outer layer has stomata that are holes in the layer.

Also in the bulky epidermis we will find mucilage, which is a compound with a harder consistency than latex … but we will not only find this substance, of course! there are many more that are responsible for regulating the amount of water in the cactus.

The pods or branches, refer to the stems that do not have leaves .. these stems can measure one or two meters in length .. that is why it differs so much from another type of cactus .. it also contains thorns also in the stem.

These are usually hanging and normally the hanging stems are what will produce the curious flowers and the delicious fruits.

The flowers of some cacti are very lush and striking, in this case it seems to have a trumpet shape and is usually white, pink or yellow. When they are born, they do it attached to the outer layer of the cactus, we can see them among the thorns. They usually develop in spring between March and April. These flowers require a lot of light to be able to develop in conditions.

The fruit of this type of cactus is something similar to a large berry, ovoid and rounded or elongated. Its shell is based on flaky ears called bracts. The consistency of the peel of the fruits is rather fleshy and cerona.

We can find normally 8 to about 12 cm .. whose weight will vary between 200 and 800 gr. We can find the fruit in the pulp of the fruit. These have a black color and are small and abundant. The substance that covers them is mucilaginous.

The seeds are quite delicate, although normally they can germinate perfectly and the pitahaya could multiply easily. But we must warn that these types of plants take a long time to be born and develop at the beginning.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Saguaro and the Pitahaya serve curiously as an ornament and as food … in the next space we tell you a little more about some uses that can be given.

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