Cactus Saguaro and Pitahaya -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Cactus Saguaro and Pitahaya -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In yesterday's article we told you a little more about cacti Saguaro and the Pitahaya.. a little bit their morphology and the type of flower and fruit they give.

Today we continue a little more with the subject to know what we can get from these cacti or so that they can be used.

The Cactus they are plants in many occasions of curious aspect that we can integrate or not in the garden, we can even implement them inside our home so that they grow as indoor flowers.

Cacti are resistant plants, as long as their optimal development conditions are minimally met.

But in addition to decorating our environments, giving us very special gardens and rooms .. the saguaro and pitahaya cacti can also serve as food for example.

Many people cultivate them for their rich flavor and many of their properties. They can also be used as fodder for cattle, if you have it.

This type of cactus is very well used, we could even feed our cows, pigs and much more, with a mixture of both.

Plants used for domestic purposes, we can see this a lot! In some places in the world, where it rains little or nothing, there can be few fruits for both man and certain animals. This generates large economic losses, not to mention the number of deaths it represents.

The pitahaya saguaro are usually grown in places where temperatures are high and it does not rain too much, so it is perfect for these types of climates. Once we sow some of these cacti, the next year we will have fruits.

In the market we could see its fruits sold in its entirety, such as fresh fruit or frozen pulp.

The nutritional composition of these fruits, make the piece a very complete fruit.

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