Cactus with flowers

The Cactus flowers are very pretty, especially those of some species such as Echinopsis, Trichocereus, Pygmaeocereus or Lobivia The disadvantage of them is that they only last two or three days in the plant. In other species such as Astrophytum, Coryphantha, Echinocereus or Rebutia They can last a week.

Get a cactus to bloom it is not an easy task to achieve, so when this happens it is an event.

Some cacti usually have flowers of thousands of colors, one of them is known as Wittia Amazon wave Gymnocalycium With very beautiful blue tones.

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<p style=Most species bloom before the age of five of the plant, others do not bloom until after a few decades. In the case of cacti, flowers usually leave at night, which makes them more fragile when exposed to the sun, in these cases they are species that need less water for their development.

To increase the number of flowers, we recommend that a month before you put a fertilizer containing a large amount of potassium. In addition you must respect the period of winter rest of the plant, if this is not done surely your cactus will not bloom.

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