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Can you clean the leaves of the plants?

Cleaning the leaves of the plants is very good for them, so we release them from dust and possible stains. It is logical to think that if you have plants at home, indoors, you will not let them be filled with layers of dust. In addition to cleaning it you have products to give them more shine in the market and also some homemade tips.

Cleaning the outdoor plants is also necessary, if you want to have a really nice garden or a beautiful patio, where flowers are the protagonists. Of course we are not going to take a rag and clean our plants every day, we could kill them with so much movement.

But from time to time it is good to clean the leaves a little because dirt can cause species to not develop well … and also to make them look pretty and decorate our home as we deserve. Do you want some small tips? If you are looking for tricks to walk around the house, today I leave you with two really simple ones that will eliminate any trace of dust and impurities to our plants; We will also give them more shine.

With a sponge that you have at home and is not very rough, you must moisten it in water (distilled) and pass it through each sheet. You can add vinegar to the water if your plants have traces and white spots. You can also use a piece of wet cotton in the mixture, instead of a sponge. And to reach the smallest corners, you can use a sprayer.

If the plant is more complicated to catch it, for example if you have skewers or fluff, do the previous step with a brush instead of a sponge. If your plant is really large, we can wash the stem with water and a hose. Take and wrap the pot and the top of your plant in a plastic, leaving the trunk in the air. Then with a hose clean well.

Finally, to give them shine, add a little glycerin on a cloth and rub the green leaves. This trick is really good for houseplants, once the leaves are clean. Of course, you must be careful when rubbing so as not to spoil the plant.

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