Candleholder made with apples

Candleholder made with apples

It is very simple to decorate with apples like this! With fruits you can do many decorative things, both to eat … and just to see. In this case, each of the apples has been transformed into a beautiful candle holder. I don't know if you would like to add candles to your spaces, particularly I consider them to be perfect items for more intimate atmospheres.

Whether you want spaces to relax the body, to sleep or to create a more romantic atmosphere, you can add candles. In this case they are inserted in each of the apples, acting as super natural supports. It serves as a visual claim for areas such as the dining room table or for the stairs.

You can also put these apples at the entrance of your home, they will be very beautiful at night. You can also add as many as you want, two, three, four or a dozen. To transform apples into candle holders, it's easy. Grab something to cut or even a cookie pin. Now make a hole, which fits the candle you are going to put.

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<p>In this case they are small candles, perfect for putting them in smaller apples. Just take out the pulp and add the candle in its place, with the lining. Now turning them on will give a great and natural look to the space in general. The lighting through small candles is intimate and personal … but if, in addition, the joints with the apples the wonderful aroma will run throughout the house.</p>
<p>You can make this type of candle holder using other fruits or vegetables. The truth is that they give a lot of play, in a matter of color. You can choose the colors that you like and add them to your decoration. As you can see it is also easy to do, with them you can decorate the table and add that natural touch you are looking for. I hope you liked the idea as much as I did!</p>
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