Cantine Vases - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Cantine Vases – Ideas for gardens and decoration

To welcome the hottest months, many of us we decorate our homes with elements of the time. Among the most chosen items are flowers.

If you love them flowers and you want to decorate with it your surfaces, your favorite corners, the terrace, the balcony .. today in Decoration 2.0 we propose you an idea of Veronique Miré.

This great French designer invites us to see her work with cork. A nice and practical vases .. with which to give dynamism and joy to the rooms of our home.

Locate some wonderful flowers by the window, on a small table .. to brighten and aromatize all the environments of the home Veronique Mairé invents some curious vases of glass and cork.

These items are called Cantine vases, designed by a student of the well-known André Putmann. An ingenious, delicate and subtle work that will bring elegance to any space. Mairé has worked with some of the best firms and now we understand why.

These hot months are the best to innovate in our homes, both indoors and outdoors … if you have a patio, garden, a balcony or a safe terrace you want to take advantage of this space to sunbathe, hold meetings, read. That is why we want you to take advantage of every last inch with ideas as great as this one.

As you can see it is a nice and cheerful vases made with natural materials and elements. Among those wears we can count on glass, wood and cork .. that make up these wonderful vases.

Finally we tell you that the collection consists of different types of vases, with different shapes, lines and dimensions .. yes! all made with cork and glass.

Make your flowers take center stage and make ideas as beautiful as you are. Veronique will surely give much more to talk about and we will surely hear from her again very soon.

An unusual article that can inspire more than one of us. If you have a little cork in your house and a vase that you do not use .. who knows?

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