Care. Mother-in-law seat - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Care. Mother-in-law seat – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we will talk about Mother-in-law seats! Yes, although they have a strange name, this refers to the typical round cactus that tiny and so funny.

Well, for us to know it, it is one of the best known and most popular, they are sold in many places being more difficult to look for in the wild.

We can learn to grow them in pots and it will surely look great in our home. Give an exotic touch with some of these Mother-in-Law Seats! Its name is very characteristic and, attention, because we can find it by other names such as mother-in-law cushion, gold barrel or gold ball .. everything must be said its scientific name is Echinocactus Grusonii.

We know that this cactus comes from the center of Mexico and southwest of the USA Many things can be said about the plant, but something that perfectly describes it is its longevity … they can live even more than 100 years!

This plant that we have seen of all dimensions can say, like almost all plants, that grown indoors will be rather small of about 40 cm .. but outdoors, in its wild state it could reach perfectly more than a meter high .

Its flowers are striking, although they only last about three or four days, yes … if we plant them in our home, as decoration, they will not bloom normally.

As we have said, they are plants that resist high temperatures or more extreme temperatures. Below it resists up to -5ºC. They also resist quite a lot in the sun, but if we take into account that they are healthy adults and have been planted in dry soil … the youngest species should be protected from the sun and gradually removed when they are fully developed.

Irrigation will never be excessive and even less in winter … that we practically will not water. On the issue of pests we must comment that they are susceptible especially to cochineal and aphids, which are eliminated with certain specific products.

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