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Care of aromatic plants

If you grow aromatic plants, you will surely like to receive some information about your care. Like any plant, these species must have certain basic care to develop and grow healthy and strong. The aromatic plants, well combined, are great for decorating spaces like the kitchen. Also, when they grow, you can add it to your succulent dishes. What do you think?

Learning the basic care, so that your aromatic plants grow perfect, it will not take you long. But you should know that not all plants of this type are the same. Some may require different treatments. It is a great idea to consult the supplier of these seeds or where you bought the plant. Information is gold, so ask without obligation. You can also read in the envelope, if you grow seeds, how to plant it and its care.

Irrigation is very important, usually these plants require great abundance of water. But we must always be careful not to flood them. On the other hand, removing the soil from time to time and after irrigation causes irrigation water to penetrate it better. When you go to water, try to do it early in the morning or at night. At this time, your plants absorb more moisture, for the rest of the day.

Another great basic care, of this type of plants, will be to prune them (when the flowering is over) and remove the withered leaves that we see. We will also eliminate the fallen petals. It is very important to perform this step since, the fallen leaves are a great attractant of pests. If you see leaves, which are still in the plant, but have a sickly appearance or problems in coloring, you can also have some kind of disease … so remove them too.

Another good tip is fertilize the plants correctly. Try to read the special specifications of the aromatic you have and pay accordingly. This will favor the development of it and that it grows strong … giving off a wonderful smell, which will spread throughout the house. As you can see, they are minimal care that will make your plants great specimens. What do you think?

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