Care of indoor palm trees

Hello to all the lovers of gardening, today I leave you with some small and good advice, to take care of the indoor palm trees.

Remember that it is important to have some information, so that the plant is well developed and has no problem.

If you have indoor palm trees, you should consider irrigation and other things. In this way I leave you some simple tips, about light and humidity.

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<p>Sometimes it is common for indoor palms to give them less light. That is why we have to establish a very special location for her. That is, try to put it near a window or a bright room … without the sun full.</p>
<p>Try to prevent direct light from giving your indoor palm trees all day. Near a window they will be fine. If they do not receive the necessary light, you will notice that the leaves do not grow and also lose brightness.</p>
<p>If you do not have natural light, you can put a fluorescent tube near its foliage … this way you will get more light.</p>
<p>If you also have a clear decoration, such as white walls, the lighting will be much more general. This helps a lot, on this issue.</p>
<p>You must also take into account the humidity in your environment. Ambient humidity, inside a floor or house, should be low. But sometimes even inside the house, it is very humid.</p>
<p>Indoor plants develop better, in humid environments. Therefore, if you think it is convenient, you can spray the silver with water or place an inverted pot inside a container. You will do this in a low and rather wide container.</p>
<p>Fill the pot with water and place the pot with the palm. But here's the trick, don't put it on the water .. try not to touch it. When it evaporates, it provides the moisture you need.</p>
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