Care of indoor plants in summer

To take care of indoor plants, in hot times like summer, today I leave you some great tips. Basic care that will help you so that your plants do not spoil and spoil those beautiful flowers. If you want your plants to recover all their splendor, here are these tips.

One very important thing, one of the most, is irrigation. It must be more abundant, during this time of the year. The rise in temperature and the sun, makes the earth dry more .. so you should watch more your plants. The water evaporates very quickly and the leaves will burn, so try to water them more frequently and also remove them from the sun if they are affected for many hours.

I have already told you sometime, but the hours in which we can water quietly is at night or in the morning very early, first thing. In addition you have to use water that is low in lime, because if it has a lot it can damage your plants… besides leaving white spots. In this way, try to add something to the water to get rid of the lime.

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<p>One thing you can do, at home, to avoid so much lime in the water .. is to add a dash of vinegar. This will make your plant clean and also that the water contains less lime. Another idea is to leave it a couple of days resting, with peat.</p>
<p>Remember that although you have to water them more frequently and more abundantly, it is not a matter of flooding the plant. Remember that the roots can catch fungi and other diseases, in addition to rotting and dying. Water by spraying the leaves, do not pour too much water.</p>
<p>A good idea, to keep your plants clean and bright, is to pass a sponge soaked in warm water. You can do this with the larger leaves, for the smaller ones use a small cloth that leaves no trace.</p>
<p>Finally and I will continue in the next article, you must ventilate the rooms where the plants are. This way the air will be renewed and is good for them. The interior also needs fresh air. If the plant is very young, be careful with air currents or put it very close to the window, also with the sun … that does not directly affect you.</p>
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