Care of indoor plants

Do you have houseplants? If so, you will surely like to know a little more about the necessary care to maintain these types of plants. For example, pests are something important, which we must keep in mind; Watch and pay attention to keep these plants free of insects.

Some of the pests that indoor species can have are aphids, mites, or mealybugs. Another type of pests is more difficult to take over the tenant, because the pots are not found in outdoor areas, so on this side we should be calmer.

However, irrigation should be something important because we do not want to stay inside the pot and accumulate water. The accumulation of salts can cause plants not to grow, so make sure that water drains (when you water) through the drainage holes so that they do not accumulate excessive moisture.

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<p>You should also look at the leaves of your indoor plants. Watch the color they have, if you see them too dark, you may water them too much and they will rot inside, but if you see them too yellow or already withered, it is probably because there is not enough humidity in the environment.</p>
<p>Of course, the sun, although they are indoor plants, is important (in some species more than in others) It is common that they need lighting, but do not put the pot in a place where the sun is direct, too long. Remember that you can burn the leaves if the sun gives them directly for longer than they should. Also try to prevent them from giving your indoor plants direct heat … for example in winter with a heater or a fireplace.</p>
<p>As you see with a little care you have, indoor plants can be perfectly maintained and will develop very well. You must take into account the species you have acquired and the care they require, although sometimes common, not all plants need them.</p>
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