Care of the Afelandra plant

Today I leave you with some basic care, if you have the Afelandra plant. Belonging to the Acantáceas family, the Afelandra plant has many different types of species, more than 200. Remember that not all can be grown anywhere, but some of them such as the Afelandra squarrosa or the Sinclairiana among many others.

Being a plant of origin, for the most part, Brazilian needs adequate conditions to grow it. Under these conditions, the Afelandra must be located in a bright and rather warm area. However, you should not give too much sun because the leaves will wilt so try to keep the room bright, but not directly from the sun's rays.

To grow this type of plant, it is yours to do so in soils that have part of leaf mulch, a layer of sand and two layers of peat. If you want to transplant the Afelandra, do it in a large pot; In spring it is the perfect time. Above the temperature, it is best not to fall below 15 or exceed 25 degrees.

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<p>It is also important to consider irrigation. Make sure that the soil is always wet, do not let it dry. Water your plant frequently, if you see that it is too wet you may be watering too much, so slow down a bit.</p>
<p>In summer try to water it more frequently, especially in drier climates; It is also good to apply, during these dates, a mineral fertilizer every two weeks approximately.</p>
<p>Finally avoid pests, trying to be aware. Our enemies can attack her aphids or mealybugs … this will depend on where you have it exposed. If you decide to have this plant, I will only tell you that it is great to decorate any space, thanks to its bright and attractive colors.</p>
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