Care of the coconut plant

The coconut or coconut palm plant is one of the species that is usually used in gardening. Sometimes it reaches measure up to 30 meters height, if you are going to place it inside its height will not exceed three meters. One of the species, the dwarf coconut tree, does not reach the subway. Their trunks are covered with brown fibers and leaves with fine leaflets and long petioles.

One of the negative points is that his life is not too long. For its correct development it must be in a place where it receives a good amount of light, but without direct sunlight. Ideally, you live in an area with temperatures of a minimum of 16 degrees and a maximum of 25.

The ground should be formed by 50 percent leaf mulch and 50 percent soil mixed with some sand. It is advisable to transplant the coconut tree when the roots appear below the pot.

Coconut palm

During the summer you should receive abundant watering, in the winter you should keep the soil moist. If it is very hot, the leaves can be watered at dusk or early in the morning.

It can be paid every ten days with some mineral fertilizer, this should only be done during the spring and during the middle of the summer.

Among the species that most affect it are the mealybugs and the red spider.

Its fruit is characterized by being thick as the head of a person, reaching weigh between one and two kilos, is a drupe with thin and smooth epicarp, with a fibrous mesocarp of about 8 centimeters. Coconut can be used whole, as a fruit or it can be divided into parts (the pulp, the peel and the milk).

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