planta de la menta

Care of the mint plant

Good morning friends, today I talk about the care of the mint plant. If you have the mint plant or want to plant it, here I leave some of the basic care so that it develops optimally.

The goal is widely used and has a pleasant smell. It is said that its pruning is therapeutic and you can also use it both in culinary dishes, and to make toothpaste .. for example.

Its pretty leaves green and its lovely smell, make it perfect for decorating spaces such as the kitchen, the terrace or any of your windows. It is also perfect for growing in the garden or in a pot.

The mint plant needs a place where it gives the sun, so look for a corner where it can be planted there and without problem.

It is also a plant that requires a lot of water, do not do the trick of the dish .. that is, water it and put a low plate to drain or take the water whenever you want.

If you do this soon you will run out of it, it is best to water it every two days approximately and give it some air.

Remember that the mint plant you can grow and grow quickly, in addition its final result is perfect both for decorating, for making mojitos, caring for wounds and cuts, applied in certain burns is also good and for mosquito bites.

As you see this plant does not require great care or different from many others. We must be careful with pests, as in any type of plant and go.

You will see how soon you have a beautiful mint plant!


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