Caring for plants in spring II

In today's article I leave you with some tips to take care of plants in spring. Remember that during these hot months, plants need more water. In addition, some will have to be protected from the sun, while others require much more. The important thing is to know what you have planted, in this way you will know the perfect care for her.

But in the meantime, here are some small tips that can be very useful for you. A great idea for our plants to be perfect during spring, will be that as the temperature rises .. we have to check them more regularly. This serves to detect bugs or diseases, before they become a big problem.

You should check all the plants in your home, whether they are on the ground, on the ground, hanging plants or on the wall. Make sure your plants are healthy, if there is any disease, isolate it from the rest and add the necessary products or take proper precautions to save or dispose of it.

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<p>As I told you, spring is a good time to start planting some bulbs and seeds. You can also enrich the earth and fertilize your plants! You should also prune those that need it, so they will grow stronger. Especially if you have perennial hedges, you can already remove weeds that don't work.</p>
<p>Prepare the land if you want to have a small garden, it is the perfect time for it. You can also air the soil of other pots, so you will prevent insects from landing on it and find possible pests. Finally I recommend that you be aware, especially on the hottest days, that the earth is wet inside. Do not let it dry completely, but your plant will not have the necessary water and will dry.</p>
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