Casa shops Primavera-Verano 2012 - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Casa shops Primavera-Verano 2012 – Ideas for gardens and decoration

We are already in spring, folks! and as such we have to prepare all our outdoor spaces. If you have yard or patio is the perfect date to take advantage of these spaces for your personal leisure, to rest, to eat, read, sunbathe and perform some events.

At this time it is good to enjoy the air and the sun's rays … and for this we want to talk about the Shops HouseIn it we can find the new spring-summer line of garden furniture.

This new collection proposes designed furniture for your special comfort, in it we will find pieces of very different materials such as aluminum, metal, wicker, rattan … we can also enjoy them in different finishes.

Casa offers us furniture for the most traditional, in a more classic style … but we can also see modern and original pieces. Remember that at Home we can get beautiful quality furniture with the more affordable prices.

But we will not only see garden furniture for adults, this time Casa proposes the Just for Kids collection… for the little kings of the house we will find beautiful garden furniture ideal for the little ones. We will find these furniture in materials such as wood, textile or wicker.

As you see a very complete collection where we will also find all the accessories and garden items that we need as pots, candle holders, lanterns … .. very bright colored umbrellas and gazebos of special charm … with all the accessories that Casa has available we can create the garden that we like the most.

In the collection we will also see very comfortable loungers to relax by sunbathing by the pool or just to read or sleep a little while warm. The relax chairs They are also available .. as items for these two furniture Casa has great and comfortable cushions.

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