Catacteristics of diseases suffered by grass

Today we will continue referring to the different diseases that can affect your lawn.

Dollar stain (Sclerotinium homeocarpa)
It is one of the most frequent diseases in Agrotis. Normally attacks the golf courses. You can see yellow spots that initially range from 2 to 8 centimeters in diameter, are usually round like a coin. As the days go by they continue to grow until they form larger areas.

The leaves dry in the middle part of its extension, but remain green in the upper and lower part. During the early morning and with the dew the spots begin to expand in addition to being covered by a white mycelium that is spreading as if it were a spider web. This when the sun rises disappears.

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<p style=It is presented with warm and mild temperatures and where there are high levels of humidity.

Another disease is the Helmintosporium which causes spots on the leaves. It occurs on leaves with brown or yellowish spots with darker limits. They are shown as if they were small burns with a blackish halo. The negative is that they move to the root and crown causing the death of whole plants.

Wilt of the leaves (Drechslera dictyoides)
The lesions appear on the leaves in longitudinal and transverse lines of a dark brown tone giving a network appearance. The lines come together to form irregular dark brown spots. The lesions have a length of 1 to 3 millimeters occupying the entire width of the leaf. It is common to see this disease in species such as English ray grass lesions have an irregular oval appearance and dark brown color.

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