Cement pots for your cactus

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave these pots to place your favorite cacti. You don't have time for plants? Buy yourself a cactus.

Or better buy several and arrange them on a table, on a shelf .. shelves or in the window. Add a little color to your home, besides the cactus flowers are really pretty!

Today I present an original way to add part of nature in your home, with some very interesting pots.

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<p>They serve both for interior, and to decorate open spaces .. so you know if you have a terrace, patio or a garden you can use pots or cement pots!</p>
<p>Choose if you want it to be gray or white, I sincerely prefer the latter … although you already know that the colors are linked to the type of decoration and style you want to give the environment.</p>
<p>Of course, if you make cement pots, you will save a lot on other types of pots. If you like it, here are some models.</p>
<p>It is very simple to do, you can even manufacture them in several different shapes and sizes. You could also paint them, there would be nothing wrong.</p>
<p>The cement hardens very soon, if you add cement to any container or mold you have, the pot you are looking for will come out. You can previously cover the container with a plastic.</p>
<p>These, in particular are small, can help decorate the living room table or some smaller place .. as details in the decoration.</p>
<p>When the cement has hardened, it will have acquired the desired shape. Try to be very hard and not cool inside.</p>
<p>Then file the surface a little or leave it as is, more rustic. Finally choose if you want the pot to stay like this or, on the contrary, you want to add a different touch. If so, you can paint it!</p>
<p>Finally locate your favorite cacti and voila! You already have beautiful and cheap pots, to decorate your home.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=mondufloraldesign

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