Centerpiece - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Centerpiece – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this great centerpiece that you can do very easily.

As you can see it is very special, on this occasion two most natural hearts are seen … for a romantic occasion they are perfect.

But you can also change the way and instead of making hearts, do something else you like.

Keep in mind that they are made with wire inside, so the shape is given by you. Then you just need to add some green leafy branches … to give that natural look.

If you look, the base of these hearts are a couple of pieces of logs. Gaps inside, with a bit of dirt and moss, you can nail the wire .. so the shape you want to do will remain vertically.

Particularly it seems to me a fresh decoration, of the most natural and with that rustic point that is sought.

If you look, the table has many details in the rest of the decoration … such as candles, numbers where each diner will sit.

Also on the napkins, are the cutlery caught with ribbons .. all dotted with colors that you can find in a beautiful landscape .. brown, beige, white.

On the other hand, small rosettes are found on the plates. The truth is that it is an ideal decoration and centerpiece if you want an atmosphere with natural and romantic touches.

If you look there are no red colors, for example as they are used a lot on Days as marked as Valentine's Day.

On this occasion, green and logs predominate .. earthy colors .. nothing pink or white. The truth is that it is even good to decorate banquet tables.

If you have an upcoming event, you may be interested in a decoration similar to this one or at least it will give you some idea.

Photo: Etsy

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