centro de mesa hecho de lentejas

Centerpiece made of lentils and moss

Today I propose this fun centerpiece made with lentils and moss. It is easy to do, in fact to make it clearer I leave the tutorial below. If you click on the link under the article you can see some photographs with the steps to follow. It is not very complicated to do this type of work.

Once you know how to make them, this centerpiece can change color using another type of legumes and another type of foliage. On this occasion the spheres give a beautiful shape and a touch of color to a very natural centerpiece. Remember that your surfaces can be decorated in a thousand different ways, this is one more idea.

If you like to decorate with legumes or have never done so, you will see that the results are not bad at all … at least in this case. You can put the centerpiece on a regular basis or do it for a meeting or party you have at home. Choose a beautiful base that can be made of wood, glass or other material that you like … particularly I love wood or glass for the base of this center.

Then you can choose the spheres in greater or lesser numbers and how big or small you want. When you paste the lentils you can do it in several ways, the fastest I see is a solution with carpenter's glue. When it dries it will not remain white, this tail remains transparent so the green color of the lentil will stand out above all.


It is not necessary that all the spheres fill them with lentils you can choose moss to line other of them or to make mixed balls. It is a great idea to give your favorite corners a certain natural touch, what do you think?

Photo: shelterness

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