Centerpiece made with asparagus

Do you like asparagus? Today I bring some table centers, the most curious, as a decorative complement in special meals, spring events, parties and meetings. Do you want to give a particularly striking look at the table? With a few asparagus and some flowers you can create centerpieces like the ones we see below.

A good idea is to take a glass or other type of container, if possible straight lines; Then take a handful of asparagus and tie them with a rope or a ribbon of the color you want, around the bowl. You can add a loop with rustic rope, for fresh and somewhat rustic environments. If you want to add a more elegant or fancy touch, add a bow with a pretty ribbon.

Now, fill the glass with water and then introduce a bouquet of flowers that you like. I particularly love roses, but you can put your favorite flowers. Remember that you may have to cut the stem, so always scissors in a diagonal position leaving a peak where the flowers can easily absorb the water .. this way the flowers last longer.

Another idea, as a complement, is to tie some sprigs of asparagus, to put them as a place for the diner. On the set add a card with the person's name or perhaps a beautiful phrase or some text that you like or want to point out. It is a nice idea that can be done easily.

Find the flowers that you like and that combine well with the rest of the decoration, to introduce them in this natural vase. If you prefer the candles, you can always put a higher than the container and thick … with care of the base you put, as it could break the glass. In this case look for a container of other material or do not light the candles for a long time, acting as a complement and a very curious and natural decorative brushstroke.

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