restos de cesped

Centerpiece made with grass remnants

DO NOT throw away your remains of grass, take advantage of what I have left over to make some decorative details like the one I leave you today. In this detail, ornament that can serve as a beautiful centerpiece, the lawn has become the real protagonist .. crowned by a beautiful daisy.

I think it is very easy to do at home, especially if you have grass and play trimming. If so, or even part of it will be uprooted, to cultivate something in the soil .. take these grass remains and place them in a container. This container is plastic, low and open … but you can choose another one you like. I think that if you choose as the main material, the crystal would be much more elegant.

It is also an idea to plant grass in a pot or, as I said before, transplant it before cutting it. Once the lawn is laid, you only have to choose the flower or flowers that you like the most, these will crown the whole. This time there is a beautiful white daisy, but there are many seasonal flowers that would look great (one idea is to put some aromatic herbs)

After watering well, you can also make some holes in the base of the container so that it drains well and does not get flooded .. so the grass will stay alive for longer. Finally, and as we are very spring, beautiful butterflies made of blue bow, will give a touch of fantasy.

You can buy these butterflies on cloth or make them on paper, although you can also use ribbon. Chosen the ornament with which to complete the set, add this through a wire. Drive this wire on the grass and ready (this time there are a couple of butterflies .. a higher and a lower one) in this way is a fresh and dynamic set, full of color and life What do you think?

Photo: weavergirlguz

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